It seems that everywhere I look on social media, especially Instagram, there is a common theme about ways to better ourselves. How to lose weight, meditate, love ourselves, forgive, create a connection with other people with similar beliefs, etc.  Clearly, this is not is a revolutionary idea. Affirmations have been around for countless years.  I am just becoming aware of it and open to all the auspicious messages.  Along with affirmations, the self-help concept has also been around for hundreds of years, and with it comes lots of controversy.

It’s been said that people keep walking into the self-help aisle but not helping themselves.  I just don’t think those people are ready to receive the messages. 

It’s taken me well into my 40’s to recognize the need for change and improvement, despite the countless books I’ve read.  I went from Danielle Steel’s steamy love stories to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love book about self-empowerment.  It rocked my world and catapulted me, creating the courage to delve into self-discovery. Once you are ready to receive the messages that you need, they show up all around your life.

Today, I embrace and crave personal development and can’t step away from the self- help aisle or hide from all the relevant messages.

Life works in a serendipitous way, and it’s not a coincidence that I would notice so many messages about self-love. Maybe, that’s how life works. It sends out messages that it knows we need to hear and we receive them when we are truly ready and open.

Renowned Psychologist, Carl Jung wrote “Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it.”

Once you are ready to receive the messages that you need, they show up all around your life.  It’s that chance encounter of an old friend that can lead to life changing experiences, listening to a song in which every word resonates with what you are currently experiencing or noticing a license plate glaring with a message that seems directly for you.  I now try to notice every sign, message or quote and reflect on how I can apply it to my life.  Even now, as I look around my house, there are signs to remind me to be kind to myself and to quiet the inner negativity.  Once I realized I had something valuable to say, the positive affirmations kept showing up and reinforcing what I was capable of doing.

Here’s the love…

It doesn’t matter where you find the message or who you think sent it, it only matters if you accept and use that information to grow.


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