Some of my favorite treasures…

There are no perfect people in the world…only perfect pens.

Little Jules

The Shadow Effect explains that when we tend to the wounds of our inner child, we can then create healing as adults.


My little rose garden gives me so much inspiration

Great Resource

One of those books that you can pick up anytime and open up at any page to receive valuable information.

A fantastic illuminating cream with full coverage that stays on during the sweatiest of workouts!

Words to live by…

just let go of all the pretenses and be authentic. Trust that YOU are enough.

Dyson Blowdryer

No Cowlicks, No frizz…Happy Drying!

Some of my favorite books hanging out on my bedroom shelf.

Enough said.

My favorite after breakfast treat...

after lunch treat…after snack treat.

Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin...

…and when I use it my skin feels like butter!


Your eyelashes will Thank You!

…Takes off ALL my layers of waterproof mascara.