Word Control

Let’s go…PUSH…you got this…keep it up…nice job… I love you…I hate you…It’s fine…No problem…Stupid…Weird…the list of impactful words can go on and on. Sometimes, just hearing a word can evoke a visceral reaction. They convey meanings that can affect how we choose to live our lives as well as impact others.  Words

Projection is rejection…

finger point
The ability to truly look at your personality, including any negative behaviors, openly and honestly, is a challenge and a gift.  It is also very difficult to learn how to change the direction of the finger pointing toward someone else to pointing that same finger toward yourself. However, once behavior accountability is


That four-letter word is so simple, and yet, holds such deep meaning. I was taking a spin class on an early Sunday morning (the last thing I wanted to do was get out of my cozy bed and exercise) and as I was waiting for my coffee to kick in, the instructor

It’s out there for those who are ready…

It seems that everywhere I look on social media, especially Instagram, there is a common theme about ways to better ourselves. How to lose weight, meditate, love ourselves, forgive, create a connection with other people with similar beliefs, etc.  Clearly, this is not is a revolutionary idea. Affirmations have been around for

Who’s your Best Friend?

Can we be our own Best Friend? Absolutely! In fact, being our own best friend makes room to be the best “bestie” to someone else! Some may ask, how do you become your own BFF? The answer my friends is simple. You need Self Love! What is Self-love? Interestingly, loving oneself used