Have you ever had a dream about an old friend and the next day they call? Or, have you ever been uncertain of a situation and a song comes on the radio that answers your question with its lyrics?

Carl Jung, a renown psychiatrist, coined the term “Synchronicity” which refers to events that are “meaningful coincidences, if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.” You didn’t choose the song that was played at the exact time you were contemplating your situation… it just appeared without cause. Often referred to as a “happy coincidence.” Isn’t cool how just when you feel the most confused, or lost, a sign appears and provides support or validation? I think those moments are magical and I view them as signs that I am pointed in the right direction. Regardless, of the lack of empirical or scientific proof about this “happy coincidence”, people have been experiencing and writing about this phenomenon for centuries. Often calling it “Spirit”, “Universe” or a “Higher power.” The choice for how we define our experiences, how or if we think we are spiritually guided, is completely personal and not for judgement. I would define myself more of a spiritual person rather than a religious person. Believing that there is something bigger than me out in the universe is very comforting and seems to provide validation and support just when I need it. The trick is, you must be open to receive this type of subtle messaging. This may sound a little “woo woo” for some, and I am not here to proselytize. This has been my belief system for years. Additionally, there are so many wonderful books and theories that support this notion, it’s hard to deny. Check out one of my favorite books, The Seat of the Soul by Gary Sukov to read more about this phenomenon.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with math. I used the excuse “I must have a learning disability” to avoid this topic and created a story in my head used to suppress my feelings of shame. However, what I’ve learned through my experiences, is the more I resisted the shame, the harder it persisted. For years, my loving husband would try and teach me math. Every time we would go through a drive thru (always for a Mc Donald’s soft serve), I would try and figure out the change due back to us, and 99% of the time I would get it wrong. He, lovingly, would spend 15 minutes trying to explain it to me. Eventually, the lights went out and I just acquiesced with my inner critic that I was dumb. “Be careful what you say, you might be listening” couldn’t be closer to the truth. The incapacity to understand basic math, haunted me my whole life. I would avoid any job that would involve cash, because then, I would have to deal with change. It was a deep dark secret that I held very close to my heart.

As I learned to quiet the inner critic, I embraced and accepted my limitations in this area but was increasingly frustrated that I had let this negative voice control me from learning a basic desired skill. I was also busy trying to control my thoughts, worrying about being judged or criticized and hiding my various insecurities that I didn’t allow my mind to be used as it should…learning.

To achieve the level of self-love I desperately hoped-for, I had to face my shame of not understanding basic math. Realizing that the energy I spent thinking about my limitations only distracted me from my goal. It was time to act! I signed up at a local math center to be tutored. I was the only adult in the center getting instructed alongside the kids who were there after school. Fortunately, the instructor was sensitive to this fact and set me up at a table in the back. After a few sessions, my shame turned to pride and I started to learn the basic skills I desired.

Over 40 years of self-doubt and judgment, gone like magic after one class. This was an example of subtle alchemy of finding the right time and place to achieve my goal. We had just moved to a new area and this local tutoring center had sent me an advertisement in the mail. I felt it was a message from the universe and when I saw that it was right around the corner, I knew it was time. Despite my anticipation and fear, I made the appointment.

My “happy coincidence” occurred as I was getting out of my car and walking into my first tutoring session. I casually glanced at another parked car and noticed that the license plate read “YOU R OK”. I laughed out loud. That’s what I call Synchronicity! My doubt and question of whether I was doing the right thing completely dissipated as soon as I opened the door.

Here’s the love…

Be open to receive these magical signs and embrace the messages! They can be just what you are looking for and need.



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